Miao Wong. Co-founder of Acupuncture Records and DOT Records, initiator of INTRO Electronic Music Festival and Lantern Club. Founder and CEO of ARP Creative (ARP, Art Rebels Party). Curator of dART, TEKNEST and Boiler Room China.

王淼。Acupuncture Records和DOT Records的联合创始人,INTRO北京电子音乐节和灯笼俱乐部初创团队成员。现为ARP Creative (ARP, Art Rebels Party)创始人和首席执行官,策划统筹dART, TEKNEST, Boiler Room 中国等项目。

Her latest venture, ARP Creative, with the acronym standing for “Art Rebels Party”, seeks to bring together artists both to cooperate with each other, and also to unite them with leading brands when commercial opportunities are available. ARP has already created collaborations for brand events and online campaigns with Infiniti, Mercedes Benz, BMW, H&M, Joyce, New Balance, and Absolut, among others. ARP is also an artist scout, providing music for adidas global flagship stores and in-flight music for airlines, as well as arranging performing artists for other music and art festivals.

– “The Upward Spiral”, the Beijinger

Miao Wong is queen of the underground techno scene in the capital city.

– “Miao Wong – Queen of Nightlife”, Guardian 卫报

Miao Wong, the managing director of Acupuncture Records, talks about her wild teen years, the birth of the label that has become Beijing’s electronic music beacon.

– “Miao Wong”, Global Times 环球时报

Miao Wong, Acupuncture Records的灵魂人物。正是在 她的努力下,你在北京的夜晚跳舞时可以不用再听 垃圾的混音,而是真正的音乐.

– “电音Miao”, Stylebook

中国领先电子音乐厂牌Acupuncture Records执行 董事,曾两次接受美国《时代周刊》专访,她 2009年5月发起并组织了中国有史以来第一场 真正意义上的户外电子音乐节“INTRO 2009”, 为国内电子音乐文化发展揭开了新的篇章.

– “电音连着我和你”, HOTSPOT大周末